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The video below is "The Tail of the Dragon" between North Carolina and Tennessee - 300+ sharp bends in just a few miles. Join "uncle jack" and John Macartney for a 10 minute through-the-screen experience!

JOHN MACARTNEY is a former Standard-Triumph employee and an enthusiast for all British classic cars. It's his pleasure to welcome you to this site, the books about Standard-Triumph, it's people and products - and where to buy them.


This is the story of a trip John undertook in 2009.

It describes an idea he had in 2007, while recovering from a stroke, to drive a Triumph across Canada and the United States - for charity! The Triumph John used, turned out to be a 1973 Stag that had to undergo a full restoration before the event could start!

The overall journey was 18,000 miles, completed in just 69 driving days and almost entirely trouble-free - unless you consider changing a fuel pump in central Vancouver to be a major crisis?

The book is a perfect-bound paperback measuring approx 8x10 inches (20x25 cms). It has 306 pages featuring a substantial number of colour photographs. It describes the build-up to the event, the planning, the FULL rebuild of the car, the day-to-day diary when the Drive got underway, sponsor details and a Roll of Honour that (hopefully) records the names and makes of all the cars that also took part.

The Charity Drive's primary objective was to increase public awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the second half of the book goes into some detail about this insidious mental illness from the author's own perspective.

The ISBN number for "Turn Left at the Pacific!" is 9-780-61-55236-4 and can be obtained direct from the publisher at a cost of US$41 per copy. Charges are as follows:

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Buyers should be aware that the purpose behind the publication of this book is twofold, as was the event itself.

Firstly, it is to share the experiences and highlight the names of so many who contributed to the success of the event: two sponsors claim it was the longest charity drive in North American motoring history in a car of any age  - and especially in one never noted for its reliability when new!

Secondly, it is to continue the impetus of informing the layperson of how POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER affects so many people in other walks of life - and not just in the armed services.

With that in view, potential buyers should be aware that the author is not drawing any commissions, income or royalties through the publication and sale of this book.